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Criminal Defense Lawyer - Overview

Hiring the right criminal defense lawyer can literally make the difference between life and death, or at least the loss of a normal life and societal status. The process begins before charges are filed for a criminal misdemeanor or felony, when lawyers can head off charges by dealing with law enforcement and the prosecutor’s office. If charges have already been filed, the pre-trial work includes an investigation, depositions and discovery.

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There is a lot more when it comes to a competent criminal defense, such as:

  • Plea Deals
  • Pre-trial Work
  • Jury Selection
  • Trial Phase
  • Appeals

Serious charges can often be made to go away or reduced before the charges are filed. Drunken drivers who cause an accident or get caught in a DUI stop can sometimes get the charges dropped with the help of an experienced lawyer. Investigating a criminal case and unearthing evidence to support a not guilty plea, reasonable doubt or mitigating circumstances, are critical for getting an acquittal or a good plea deal.

If the judge or jury seems inclined to provide a guilty verdict, the defense has to fight hard to reduce the sentence. Trial court verdicts obtained in a state court can be taken through the appeals process, which usually involves an intermediate appellate court and then the state supreme court. After that, the appeal can be taken to the federal court system to argue against the constitutionality of the state laws involved.

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Did you know?
Stand your ground laws in many states can be used by a criminal defense lawyer to justify assault charges.

Stand your ground laws allow for use of force in self-defense if there is a reasonable possibility of an unlawful threat, without a requirement of attempting to retreat first.